Ishango Vision

To be the customer’s first choice when selecting business improvement and IT solution partners

Ishango History

Formed in 2017, Ishango was the brainchild of 3 passionate individuals who truly believed there was a huge opportunity to help organisations improve and save money by providing helpful, pragmatic and targeted business improvement and IT services to organisations.

The founders of Ishango have broad cross sector experience but bring highly compatible skills.  With experience in business improvement, business strategy, IT service and management, IT development and data reporting, the range of services Ishango can deliver provide customers with huge levels of support.

Our professional capability is diverse through the experience of our founding directors

Our Partners

Project Lifecycle Governance

A significant number of businesses and 100% of contractors within the construction sector deliver their services through the effective management of projects, click to read more...

Management System

The definition of corporate and operational governance standards and the clear communication of the underpinning processes, is vital for organisations, click to read more..


Ishango have access to experiences professional individuals who can assist organisations achieve or maintain certification; click to read more...


Organisations are progressively seeking to utilise mobile technologies and mobile apps to stream line business processes, Ishango are developing a number of applications. click here to read more..

Automated Reporting and Data Science

We believe that data is paramount for any organisation, this data must be easily understood and reported on, but also enable deeper insight.


In every industry and business IT is now an integral business function that delivery of an organisations products and services will depend upon to some degree...click to read more